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NCST1 239Often companies can acquire acreage or leases with a very wildcat element to their play. Softrock can assist in choosing target payzones and make recommendations on how to drill and produce. From log correlation phase, to prognosis creation assistance, to field science such as strat test or pilot wells and coring, our geologists can offer insight and scientific scrutiny so that most of the variables at play can be eliminated. From the office to the field, Softrock is a valuable ally as your wellsite geologists:

  • Geologic and drilling pronosis review
  • Offset log scrutiny
  • Accurately choose formation tops and members
  • Geology based descritptions of cuttings/cores
  • Solid interpretation of stratigraphy
  • Geochemical formulations of chromatography data
  • Customized format
  • Photo microscopy when warranted
  • Plan Map and legal window plotting
  • Anti-collison mindfulness
  • Local insight gained from nearby experiences
  • Attention to engineering needs
  • Respect for AFE to increase drilling cost efficiency
  • Availabilty to modify logs with production hardware annotations and data
  • Pre-Spud Meetings and After Action Review participation
  • In office presentations to disseminate critical knowledge gained on sensitive or anomolous wells